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Sky HD App Download for Android, iOS, Install APK!

Sky HD App Download:

Sky HD App is known for great quality films and TV videos to watch online and download if you want to watch it later. Downloading and installing this app is really easy. Just follow this guide and your device will be setup to play Sky HD movies in a few minutes. 

Downloading the Sky HD App

The following steps will help you download the Sky HD app on your Android device.

Step 1:
Just like how Yoga instructors are way more flexible than you’ll ever be, Android is flexible in being able to install practically anything, unlike iOS devices.

In this case, all you have to do is navigate to the security panel and select “Unknown sources” in order to accept apps outside of the Play Store.

Step 2:
Now that you have turned on the Unknown sources, you need to download Sky HD APK on your Android device. Download by clicking on the following link.

Download Sky HD APK here!

Step 3:
The Sky HD APK will install to your android device, depending on which firmware you're on and the amount of alcohol you’ve drank that day, time will vary.

playbox apk

Step 4:
Once the app is installed completely; you will see a popup asking to click on done or open the app. Just click on Open.

playbox apk

Success! You’re ready to consume unlimited movies on your Android device.

Just spend a few hours on Sky HD Facebook page to find out top movies on Sky.
Alternatively, you can read this guide till the end and read Sky HD movies update at the end. 

Using the app is easy but a little bit of an introductory can’t hurt.  If you’ve used the PlayBox HD on your android device, this will be a familiar experience.

How to Download Movies in Sky HD App?

So you probably have one of the worst data plans in the world. Maybe you have 1 gig a month? That is worth a couple Google map and Yelp searches, so imagine trying to stream a movie while you’re outside, you would end up having to mortgage your home to pay off the data overages.

Well the Sky HD app allows you to download and save content to your device while you’re on wifi so you don’t have to worry about selling your children to cover data bills.

Right after clicking on the movie image, you will see the summary with information and videos tab as shown in the image below:

Now click on the videos tab on the right top corner of the app and select the video pixels in which you want to download the movie for better picture quality. You will see three options; download, custom and play.

Just play and if you want to download the movie, just click on download. This is generally the video quality when playing the movie online in the Sky HD app.

Yes, that’s right, you can download and save content to your device so you don’t need a data or wifi connection later. 

Thanks to the saving feature, you and your significant other can watch movies anywhere in the world if you download and save the movie first.

Sky HD Movie App Review:

Standing on the shoulders of giants like Netflix or Hulu, the Sky HD app is like the shady guy at the corner claiming he's got everything you need at a fraction of the price, but in this case, it’s actually true. 

But there is more about this app…

The user interface is purposefully dead simple since people who search for free content to stream online just want to watch their movies and shows without jumping through hoops.  And if you have an iPhone or iOS, you can install it by reading the Playbox HD iOS tutorial.

Sky HD App Menu:

Like Cowboys ready to slide out their pistols in a Mexican standoff, the menu interface provides an easy slide swipe from the left side to reveal film categories, favorites and your download folder from the left corner.

You can also touch the 3 horizontal lines at the top left in the home page.

sky hd menu

Sky HD Latest Movie Updates:

The way Sky HD operates is the way torrent sites function, but with a friendlier front-end. When a show or movie is available to the public from seeders, it becomes searchable in Sky HD thanks to users providing the metadata. But instead of having to wait for enough seeders to download an entire show or film, you can quickly buffer your content. You literally just have to install the Sky HD app on your android device and watch your favourite movie.

EDIT- The way Sky HD operates is similar to how torrents function, only in this case you don't have to worry about seeders uploading files while waiting 3 days to finish downloading it and by the time the download is complete you've gotten married, moved to a new city and have too many children to have time to watch Jurassic park now. Sky HD let's you stream content almost immediately, saving you from having time to create a family you regret having cause you don’t have time to watch that movie anymore.

Sky HD TV Shows:

Oh you thought TV shows weren't included? You must be insane, you think Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones wouldn't be included? Sky HD has your back with TV shows as well, allowing you to ditch TV schedules which was obviously the government trying to control your life by making you follow the TV’s rules and not your own life, take that Illuminati.

tv shows sky hd

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How do I downlaod sky hd on iPhone 4s

I downloaded playbox on my tablet and everytime I try to watch something it says it encountered an error while loading the movie.

Hello Mariam,

You can download the Sky HD app on your iPhone 4s from this link After downloading this link, please follow the procedure given for PlayBox iOS download as given here:

I hope that you will surely love this app indeed.

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